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Waxahachie Chiropractor : Dr. Clint Hardin

“For years I suffered from low back pain. Chiropractic gave me my life back. I knew I had to do that for other people.”

Dr. Clint Hardin and family

Waxahachie Chiropractor Dr. Clint Hardin and his family

At the age of 19 I injured my back moving a trunk. I ignored the pain for five years until I just couldn’t take it anymore. There were days I couldn’t even get up off the couch much less go to work. Someone suggested I go see a chiropractor. I was skeptical. I figured I would need surgery at some point. My mom had neck surgery, my uncle had neck surgery, and my aunt had low back surgery. I thought I would be next. I decided to give Chiropractic a chance. After just two weeks the pain was gone and the rest is history.

My Education

I attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. It was there that I discovered a true passion for helping people. If it hadn’t been for all the science classes getting in the way school would have been a lot of fun. My family inspired me to push through the difficult times in pursuit of my dream.

On a Personal Note

I am happily married to my wife Heather, who I met in kindergarten in Maypearl. We have four children, Reghanne, Denton, Michael, and Scarlett. I enjoy the time spent with them more than anything. Heather homeschools our children and does her best to control the chaos that comes with having four kids. She is an amazing Wife and Mother. Reghanne has many interests that are constantly changing. Whatever her true passion turns out to be I have no doubt she will conquer it. Denton loves to “read” just like his big sister. He has such a kind heart and never misses a chance to point out the beauty in the world God created. Michael loves to kick balls around the house and cause as much grief as possible for his big brother. He is our little comedian and keeps us always laughing. Scarlett is just figuring out the world and will melt your heart with a big drooling smile. We also have 4 dogs, 14 chickens, 10 sheep, a frog, 2 fish, 2 gerbils, and a horse. Farm life suits our family well. We attend The Avenue Church in Waxahachie and we couldn’t ask for a better church family.

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